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Stanadyne Fuel Additive

Code: 53489
£10.55 ex VAT



  • 250ml for 125 Ltrs


  • High pressure common rail
  • Unit Injectors
  • Rotary Distributor Pumps
  • In-line Pumps


  • Upgrades and stabilizes fuel by reducing sludge and fuel tank contaminants
  • Cleans and protects fuel system components
  • Removes varnish and other deposits to prevent plugging
  • Helps remove water from fuel
  • Regular use of Stanadyne can dramatically improve power, torque and miles per gallon, while reducing smoke and other harmful emissions
  • Recommended by engine and vehicle manufacturers including John Deere
  • Performance formula can reduce particulate emissions by up to 49%
  • ** Not sold outside UK/IRL **



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